Compliance Reporting

  • Statutory Requirement
  • Provide a standardised, compliant document

Annual reports are mandatory for all exploration permits in Queensland under the Mineral Resources Act 1989. Annual reports are due for submission to the Queensland government each year the tenement is held.

At GeoConsult we pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely, accurate annual reporting services to numerous clients.

Report Types
  • Annual Reports
  • Relinquishment Reports
  • Surrender Reports
  • Final/End of Tenure Reports
Key Benefits
  • Reduces your workload and associated project costs
  • Full compliance and experience with statutory regulations
  • Prompt, punctual reporting well within statutory timeframes
  • Accurate, precise, proven, dependable results
  • Clear, easy to follow, concise
  • Project management to ensure work completed on time to the highest standard

18 Government Compliant Reports 20120322.pdf