Hydrological and Environmental Services

GeoConsult in association with IESA has provided comprehensive consultancy services in the field of Hydrogeology and Environmental services throughout Australia and the Pacific region since June 1994.  Our involvement in an extensive number and variety of projects has ranged from groundwater exploration and aquifer testing to environmental site investigations, instrumentation and monitoring programs.

Our staff are experienced professionals supported by the latest testing and analytical instrumentation and computing facilities.  This combination results in a a confident and comprehensive technical understanding of projects, leading to a high level of credibility in our recommendations, and to practical and cost effective outcomes for our clients.


Project design, co-ordination and management, groundwater exploration and evaluation, bore, well and piezometer installation, aquifer evaluation and testing

Pumping testing (customised equipment), packer testing (proprietary equipment), and groundwater sampling and monitoring.


Screening surveys and site investigations. Contaminated site audits and remediation.  Flora and fauna surveys.  Environmental land use planning and management.  Strategic and policy planning. 

Environmental planning and impact assessment, environmental audits and studies, environmental management plans. 

Environmental management systems, best practice environmental management, regulatory compliance services, town planning and re-zoning applications, community consultation and liaison.

Pollution prevention systems and staff training.


Design and installation of monitoring systems.

Routine and  contract maintenance services.  Contract monitoring and reporting services.  Groundwater and dust monitoring. 

Surface water monitoring and hydrocarbon monitoring.

Weather and soil moisture monitoring.


Design, supply and installation of environmental instrumentation, measurement and sampling systems.

Parameters include weather, water quality, groundwater, dust, air quality etc plus a full range of chemical and gas instrumentation.