GPAC is a newly developed geotechnical logging software application implemented by GeoConsult in the coal exploration industry. GPAC is an interactive logging system which incorporates a comprehensive analytical suite to calculate geomechanical indices of importance to civil, mining and exploration industries.

Key Features
  • Customisable to suit client needs
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98,2000,XP, Vista and Macintosh OS
  • Portable as all chip and core logging data (lithology and geotechnical) can be entered in the field via laptops or PDA (GPAC lite only)
  • Convenient single source plotting of Geotechnical, Brightness Profile, Graphic Defect and English Logs
  • Automatic calculation of Geomechanical Indices
  • Rock Quality Designation
    • Rock Mass Rating
    • Coal Mine Roof Unit Rating for CMRR
    • Tunnelling Index
  • Easy importing and exporting of ASCII files that can be downloaded into Vulcan, Minex, ECS and other popular mining software.
  • Saves time and follows the latest information technology trends
  • Higher degree of accuracy and elimination of errors associated with data entry and calculation
  • Reduction of time required for production of logs and calculations

GPAC licenses are available for purchase or lease at a fraction of the cost of available logging software, with the added benefit of being the only interactive geotechnical logging program on the market.

GeoConsult GPAC Flyer.pdf

Detailed lithological logging of core performed at the wellsite is entered either directly into a laptop or into a PDA using GPAC lite.

Integration of brightness logs and geophysical data is simplified through the use of GPAC.