UCS Testing

Uniaxial Compressive Strength Testing

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GeoConsult has had a long history of providing quality geotechnical analysis from field sampling and logging to comprehensive geotechnical reporting. With the new CONTROL 2000kN, model 50-C4622 we can now offer industry standard uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) testing.

UCS Service
  • UCS Testing in accordance with; AS 4133.4.2-1993 & AS4133.4.3.1 - 2009
  • Logged Geotechnically in accordance with; AS 1726-1993
  • Poisson's ratio & Young's modulus testing;
  • Comprehensive reporting including;
    • UCS value for each specimen
    • Mode of failure
    • Rock Lithology/Substance
    • Axial orientation in comparison to specimen anisotropy
    • Photo of sample failure
    • Other reporting available on request
Uniaxial Compressive Strength

UCS is the capacity of a material to withstand axially directed crushing forces. When the limit of comprehensive strength is reached, specimens fail, and are crushed. The UCS itself is the msximum force that a speciment can withstand before failure occurs.
Comprehensive studies of UCS can be used to supply structural data for many mining and engineering applications including;
  • Underground Roof and Floor Geotechnical Studies
  • Foundation and material testing for construction

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Pre Test Core

Failed Core Post Testing

Core Prepped for testing