Coal Seam Gas

GeoConsult has provided comprehensive consultancy services in the field of Coal Seam Gas, Gas Drainage and Petroleum throughout Australia and the Pacific region since June 1994.  Our involvement in an extensive number and variety of projects has ranged from coal seam gas desorption to resource and reservoir evaluation.

Our staff are experienced professionals supported by the latest testing and analytical instrumentation and computing facilities. This combination results in a confident and comprehensive technical understanding of projects, leading to a hight level of credibility in our recommendations, and to practical and cost effective outcomes for our clients.

Coal Seam Gas and Petroleum Exploration
  • Well site geology and total project management.
  • Planning, scheduling and logisitics of drilling programs for gas reservoir assessment, gas emission, reservoir, deliverability parameters and seam gas hazards.
  • Basin Analysis, target selection and play evaluation.
  • Seismic survey design, implementation and interpretation.
  • Comprehensive reporting of coal sample gas desorption data.
Coal Seam Gas Resource and Reserve Development
  • Providing the complete package for coal seam gas solutions.
  • Adsorption isotherm,vitrinite reflectance and maceral analysis.
  • Resource and reservoir evaluation studies (1P, 2P & 3P) and advice on coal seam gas implementations and stimulation treatments.
  • Supervision, interpretation and analysis of pressure transient (packer) testing and hydraulic fracture stimulation treatments.
  • Coal Seam Gas production well drilling supervision and performance monitoring.
Analytical Services
  • AS 3980* compliant slow desorption gas content method (Q1,Q2 and Q3)
  • Compositional analysis of desorbed gas and analysis of residual gas (Q3) for target coal seams.
  • Lithological logging of core, technical evaluation and modeling of gas contents.
  • Coal mine gas emission and hazardous gas analysis.
  • Analysis and interpretation of geological and coal seam gas resource/seam gas hazard data for reserve estimation and underground mining assessment.
* The standard AS3980 is not part of our scope of accreditation.

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Coal desorption subsamples are crushed in a sealed ring mill and the released methane gas is measured to determine the residual gas content (Q3).

Desorbed gas measurements (Q2) are taken regularly in our climate controlled field laboratory

Desorption measurements are used to calculate a Q2 desorbed gas versus time plot