GeoConsult is committed to ecologically sustainable development within the mining, quarrying and exploration industries. We will only propose and manage activities and accept commissions for programmes that will achieve this goal.

We share the community's concern for the environment and understand that the benefits of resource development are only acceptable if certain environmental outcomes are also achievable. Consequently, it is our aim to ensure that all activities undertaken or managed by our consultancy group are carried out in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Our aim will be achieved through the on-going development and use of an environmental management system that integrates environmental issues into planning and decision making through the entire life of each project.

We are committed to developing and implementing an environmental management system that is based upon:

  • corporate and individual responsibility
  • our duty of care
  • continuous improvement in all of our work processes, products and services
  • meeting our customer requirements
  • taking corrective action where necessary
  • updating the system through periodic review

GeoConsult Pty Ltd environmental management system will be supported by policies and procedures that will address specific mining, quarrying and exploration industry activities.

Responsible resource development and use integrates environmental management.