Exploration Program Management and Drilling Supervision

GeoConsult Pty Ltd is a progressive and multi-disciplinary company of consulting geoscientists and affiliated industry professionals offering a complete range of services in Mining and Exploration; project management, mine geology, resource analysis and geological modelling. Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM); project management, wellsite geology and onsite desorption. Laboratory; coal quality analysis and testing, gas composition & content analysis.

GeoConsult can provide you with experienced staff who have a knowledge base spanning coal, oil and hardrock drilling, directional drilling including sidetracks and horizontal in seam/formation drilling.  We can provide supervision and geological services for single green field exploration wells to long running, multiple hole production gas well projects.

Wellsite Services 
  • Onsite lithological logging, packaging, storage and quality control of core and chip samples
  • Formation and seam identification
  • Completion of hole/well drilling program to well card specifiations.
  • Depth checking and monitoring throughout drilling program
  • Detailed fracture and defect mapping to Australian Standards for geotechnical assessment.
  • Mud logging and gas monitoring using VRAE monitoring technology of surface rigs for coal seam gas exploration
Project Management 
  • S1,S2 and S3 compliant safety supervision
  • Monitoring and authorisation of chargeable expenditure from the drill site
  • Supervision and quality control of geophysical logging
  • Cost management and control
  • Planning and execution of drill stem test
Why Choose GeoConsult?
  • Motivated and positive staff experienced in a range of drilling techniques and geological settings
  • High level of safety and awareness of potential hazards associated with drilling
  • Competitive chargeout rates

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GeoConsult has staff experienced in supervising a wide range of drill rigs and drilling situations.

A coal seam gas coring operation in Central Queensland.