Resource & Reserve Modelling

Deposit Modelling
  • Design, management, integration and consolidation of geological databases
  • Stratigraphic deposit modelling, including grid and block modelling techniques
  • 3D orebody modelling, incorporating drilling interpretation, geostatistical analysis, wireframe generation and block modelling
  • Resource and reserve reporting, using fully JORC code compliant standards
Mine Design
  • Mine product scheduling
  • Open cut mine design
  • Underground mine design
  • Waste dump and spoil design
  • Volume calculations
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Environmental impact studies and rehabilitation planning
  • Strip and block design
Highwall Mapping
  • Integrating the latest technology and conventional methods
  • Overburden characteristic and review
  • Photographic interpretation incorporating field based lithological
  • and geophysical observations
  • Risk evaluation and reporting

05 Geological Modelling 20120822.pdf

Typical contouring result highwall mapping in an open cut mine

Typical interpretation of a highwall in an open cut coal mine.