Tenure Applications and Renewals

The Queensland Government announced on the 13th of January 2012 that the state will adopt a competitive bidding tender process and controlled land release similar to the petroleum and gas exploration process.

The change means an application for an EPC will be assessed on established criteria in a competitive bid. GeoConsult can complete your EPC applications in accordance with these changes along with renewals for coal and/or minerals across MLs, MDLs and EPCs.

At GeoConsult we pride ourselves on our ability to provide timely, accurate reporting services to numerous clients.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces your workload and associated project costs
  • Full compliance and experience with criteria based applications 
  • Prompt, punctual reporting well within timeframes.
  • Accurate, precise, proven, dependable results
  • Clear, easy to follow, concise
  • Project Management to ensure work completed on time to the highest standard.

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